PR Girl 101: Design Your Day

img_5421Is it just me or is the Monday after a long week just the worst? Whether you’re still recovering from a tryptophan-induced coma or coming down from a shopping-fueled high, today – and the next few weeks – are shaping up to be a rough uphill battle.

For PR girls, it’s important to always be on top of things – one of the most difficult things when you can’t quite get yourself motivated. My preferred way to combat an insanely busy, struggle-filled period of time is head on. By head on, I mean meticulously planning & scheduling every little thing I have to do between my start and finish lines.

But, alas, not all planning & scheduling was created equal. 

I use five steps to make the most of each day. It’s important to break each day or task down into bite-size parts. If it’s small and manageable, it can’t escalate and become overwhelming.

PR Girl’s Strategy for Success



blogOptimizing your time and prioritizing what’s at hand are the best way to set yourself up for success. And that’s what we’re all in pursuit of, after all.

What are your keys for success? How do you navigate busy times?

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