Staying Grounded through the Busy Times

Blogging1I’ll admit, I’ve really slacked off in the past month. I started this blog with a list of great ideas and an editorial calendar carefully plotted. But between the surge in client activityย for the impending holidays, other events and holidays (like Halloween & my birthday) and just life in general, writing kind of fell off the stove completely. Being busy is both a blessing and a curse!

My birthday is the inspiration behind this post. Today’s my 25th birthday and, as strange as it may be, I’ve been having a bit of a hard time with it. Most people, if not all, make life plans and goals. For me, many of mine revolved around the idea that I’d have it all together and figured out by 25, because when I came up with these plans, 25 was still way, way far in the future. Asย itย started creeping closer and closer, I’ve begun to realize that I’m not the only one who doesn’t have it all together and even some those who seem like they do are only just faking it until they actually do.

This year I’ve decided to make a list of 25 goals for my 25th year. With all the things that keep us busy, the best way to not get overwhelmed and to stay grounded is to have goals that you’re working towards.

25 goals for my 25th year

  1. Cook a new meal every week.
  2. Read 52 books this year.
  3. Blog at least twice a week.
  4. Keep exercising like I’ve been ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Start volunteering more.
  6. See or try one new thing a month.
  7. Get my passport (finally!).
  8. Save up for an actual vacation.
  9. Move from my current house.
  10. Learn to be a morning person (or at least try to wake up earlier!)
  11. Keep painting!
  12. Spend less on things, more on experiences.
  13. Actually keep up on the magazines I subscribe to (instead of letting them pile up!)
  14. Take more photos.
  15. Learn a better way to apply make up.
  16. Start to plan a trip abroad.
  17. Get a pet.
  18. Host a dinner party.
  19. Visit NYC again.
  20. Visit D.C. again.
  21. Visit a new city.
  22. Increase my client base.
  23. Determine what is my ideal job & look for itย (I’m close on this one!)
  24. Make a holiday dinner on my own in my house.
  25. Learn something new this year.

What goals do you guys have to keep yourself motivated?

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    December 1, 2014 at 11:41 am

    I love this post , getting a job and a blog is not easy at all. good luck !

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