PR 101: Tools of the Trade


There is no fool-proof plan for conquering your career…

but there are a few tools you should definitely have in your arsenal along the way.

PR is, without a doubt, one of the most fast-paced careers.Β It’s a path that treasures creativity & originality, but there are some tried-and-true essentials to keep in your back pocket to keep you headed in the right direction.

A reliable phone/mobile deviceΒ 
PR professionals need to be accessible; it’s what makes us entirely indispensable to our clients, and having a phone you can rely on is key. The more you can do with your phone, like check you email, edit & update documents, manage social media networks &, ya know, make phone calls & send texts, the better prepared you’ll be.

The latest AP Stylebook
Until you have it committed to memory, your AP Stylebook should have its own special spot in your bag. Everything you will write or do, from press releases to blog posts to pitches and more, will be in AP Style and it is practically a PR sin to not know your style. Even after you have it committed to memory, keep it on your desk to answer those uncommon style questions. Better yet, buy the app & take it everywhere.

A Bloglovin account
It’s nearly impossible to keep up with each & every blog you should (especially those you actually want to read), but a Bloglovin account could really go a long way. Whether you just browse through a once-daily email of the most recent posts or sift through the posts in your feed through the app during your commute, Bloglovin makes it easy by bringing it all to you. (Start off by getting PR Girl Diaries directly in your inbox or app!)

Like Bloglovin, downloading the Pocket app to your phone may actually make you productive during your daily commutes. Instead of bringing the content to you, Pocket holds all those articles & bits you come across during the day but don’t immediately have time to read. You can save links from Twitter, copy them from anywhere on the web and add the extension to save from Safari or Chrome when you’re browsing online. The ability to sync across all of your devices is especially helpful. And to top it off, you can tag piece by category, so you are reminded of exactly why you wanted to save that particular Twitter link from a week ago.

A sensible, but fashionable bag
Sure, there are plenty of great bags out there, but a good, sturdy bag that you want to take everywhere is like a security blanket. Knowing that everything you need for the day will be safe inside, no matter the weather or amount of running you end up doing on any given day, will set you at ease. One of my favorites is this large Coach bag.

A detailed calendar or datebook
PR is all about scheduling & making the (nearly) impossible happen. Keeping a good, detailed calendar, whether it’s on your phone or in a notebook, will help you stay on track & not overlook anything important to a campaign, client or you. My favorite is this Arc by Staples notebook, which I’ve customized with calendar, to-do, note & project outline pages, in addition to pockets to hold all the important little things.

What are your tools for success? Is there anything important not listed here?

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