Is PR right for you?

It’s that time of year again – graduation season. Whether you’re leaving the familiar cocoon of campus with your newly-minted degree or exploring some options in between semesters, it’s important to ask yourself along the way to the career of dreams.

PR can be a demanding career and it requires a particular skill set to excel. Do you think you have what it takes?


PR might be the career for you if…

…you are detail oriented.

It’s true, the devil is in the details. A PR pro must meticulously review and plan every little thing that is released, shared or created for your client. Whether it’s social media, editorial content, product promotions, or any of the other million things you could be responsible for, attention to detail is a must.

…you are good under pressure.

More often than not, your plans will go a bit awry. PR is all about handling and managing whatever comes at you and your client. You need to be able to make analyze the situation and make a quick decision.

…you are a self-starter.

Unfortunately, no one is going to light that fire under you to get you going. If you can’t get yourself going and don’t have the motivation to get things done without being nagged or reminded, PR is probably not the career for you.

…you are a good listener.

It’s a misconception that PR is all about talking and getting your message out there. Sure, getting the word out is important, but the goal shouldn’t be to be the one out there shouting it at your audience. If you’re able to listen to your audience, you can find out what they’re thinking and how they feel and tailor your messages to appeal to these things.

…you are curious.

In PR, you never stop learning new things. Clients change, technology changes andΒ it’s your job to make yourself a subject matter expert. PR might not be for you ifΒ you aren’t curious about new things and/or aren’t interested in continued education.

…you are a problem solver.

PR is an industry based on solving problems. As a PR pro, you’ll be responsible for solving all kinds of problems. Some include long-term plans and goals, some are on the fly. It’s important that you be able to work quickly and efficiently find a solution to every problem.

…you are creative.

Answers may not be evident all the time and some may require creative solutions. But that’s not all creativity is good for! Campaigns, pitching and so many other PR mainstays can always use a bit of creativity to mix it up.

…you are resilient.

It’s a rewarding career path, but it’s not always an easy one. To make it, you need to have a tough skin so that somethings bounce right off and others don’t hurt quite as much. You also need to be able to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and not give up. Being persistent and resilient will get you far, my friend.

…you like to be informed.

If you’re always the first among your friends to know the newest trends & news, you’d be a perfect fit for PR! PR pros have to keep up on all the latest news, trends and, well, just about everything else. Whether your combing the news every morning for client mentions, new business opportunities or just to stay abreast of what’s going on in the world, Google Alerts, Twitter – they’ll all become your best friends.

…you are a good multitasker.

PR pros hardly ever have just one thing going on. Light days usually include a one-page to-do list, at least. If you are able to juggle multiple things at once without dropping any of your responsibilities, you could have a bright future in PR.

…you are a good communicator.

This is both basic and crucial. PR is a career entirely hinged on your ability to effectively communicate. Whether your emailing pitches, outlining a plan in a client meeting, describing a client’s needs to the team you’re working with, or any off your other daily tasks, effective communication will be your key to success.

What other traits do you think PR pros need? Are you interested in a career in PR, but don’t know where to start?

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    Sarah Lagen
    May 6, 2015 at 9:00 pm

    This is a good post, I like all of the reasons and why it would be good for PR! A lot of these can be applied to just any job too!

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