#FridayFive: PR Blogs to Follow


The internet is great, with its unlimited resources, endless entertainment and ample answers. I, however, have the attention span of a fly somedays, and get lost and forget what I was looking for to begin with, so I like to keep my go-to resources all in one place.

Five PR Blogs to Follow Today

(in no particular order)

  1. PR Diva
    PR Diva is a great resource for anyone interested in PR, social media & tech at any skill level, and definitely worth following
  2. PR Couture
    Crosby Noricks is a fashion PR powerhouse. Her blog is a must for anyone interested in PR, especially fashion or beauty.
  3. PR Daily
    PR Daily is my go-to spot for industry news & tips. It’s easy to read and has super up-to-date social media accounts, making it the easiest to follow.
  4. PR Week
    PR Week is another go-to. Its “Seven things PR pros need to know…” is a perfect briefing every morning.
  5. Your Coffee Break
    A little PR, a little lifestyle and a lot of fun is a perfect summary of what you’ll find on YCB. Not only does the blog have a ton of PR tips, it includes a number of general career advice, which everyone can always use.

What are your favorite PR blogs?

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