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I love NYC. It’s no secret. I love the hustle and bustle and the fact that there is never a lull.Β Though I only lived there for a brief time, I love that there are places and things that I was able to make my own. New York feels like home.

In honor of yet another visit to the city that never sleeps next week, albeit for work and not pleasure, today’s Friday Five is dedicated to the five places I plan to visit while in NYC.

My NYC Must-Sees

1. The Strand
I love books. They’re fantastic. And The Strand, located at 12th and Broadway, is home to 18 miles of books. I’ve happily spent hours getting lost among the bookshelves. Any book lover should take the time to visit The Strand’s rare book room to check out the treasures for sale.

2. Little Italy
I have a deep love of cannoli and the inability to find good ones when I want them most. Whenever I got the craving in NYC, I’d take a walk south to Little Italy and pop in a bakery for my favorite treat.

3. Central Park
I love Central Park, especially when the weather is nice. There are so many things to see and do and places to go in Central Park that no matter how often you visit, you can always find something new.

4. Washington Square Park & the Village
When I lived in NYC, I lived on Washington Square Park West and it was fantastic. Washington Square Park may have been pretty shady back in the day, but I enjoyed sitting in the park on a sunny day with a book. I can’t wait to take a stroll through the Park’s white arch & visit one of my favorite restaurants due south on Thompson.

5. Sept. 11th Memorial
I worked for a small 9/11 memorial and museum on the south side of Ground Zero when I lived in NYC. It wasn’t quite the national memorial and museum, but it was the only one at the time. The last time I saw the national memorial, workers were running a final test on the waterfalls in the reflecting pools during construction. Going back and seeing everything now that it’s completed is a must for me.

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