My favorite Super Bowl Commercials

I like football a lot, usually, but my favorite part of the Super Bowl every year is watching the commercials.Β Super Bowl commercials cost millions of dollars a spot so they’re usually the best a brand presents each year, and are totally worth watching. With that said, here are my favorite Super Bowl commercials from this year’s game:

Budweiser’s Lost Puppy #BestBuds

Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercials are a great example of a brand sticking to it’s brand identity year after year. This year’s spot makes me want to go adopt all the lonely puppies.

Always’ #LikeAGirl

I love the whole “Like A Girl” campaign and I love that it’s more than just a Super Bowl commercial for Always. I think it’s a classy way to address inequality without blaming anyone, like so many attempts at addressing the issue tend to.

Coca Cola’sΒ #MakeItHappy

This year’s trend of addressing social issues in a positive way gets an A+ in my book. Coca Cola’s #MakeItHappy is a great idea, from the Super Bowl commercial to the great website and their Twitter push, to address the problem of cyberbullying.

T-Mobile’s #KimsDataStash

This one is simple for me: I love it when celebrities make fun of themselves. Kim Kardashian is famous for nothing worthwhile, and she knows that and embraces it. I appreciate it.

Another great spot addressing a social issue. It’s great that this public service announcement for domestic violence aired during the Super Bowl. I like the straightforward approach to it, without being overly graphic or dark (like Nationwide’s second ad).

Microsoft’s #Empowering

Microsoft’s Super Bowl spot was just inspiring. There need to be more inspiring ads.

Nationwide Insurance’s “Invisibile”

I love that this spot was true to the character of its star. I think Mindy Kaling is incredibly hilarious and I love that Nationwide didn’t direct her to be the polar opposite of her normal, charming self.

But by far, my favorite part of this year’s
Super Bowl was Missy Elliot stealing the Halftime Show.

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

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