So what can I do?

That’s the big question, right?

The short answer is: a lot of things. My résumé gives a brief rundown of my experience and skills. You can download my résumé here.

If you have a few minutes and want to know more, the list below gives a bit more complete rundown of all of my skills and experience. It includes every communications-, PR- or marketing-related position that I’ve held throughout my career. My LinkedIn profile is another great source to browse this information, including recommendations from colleagues.

If you want to know everything there is to know about me and my experience, or if you have a particular something you’re curious about, please reach out. You can also explore other parts of the site, like my work samples and published work for more information. This blog post will give you a fairly complete picture of the work I’ve done, what I excel at and what I enjoy working on.

Please email me or connect with me on LinkedIn with particular questions, to discuss an opportunity you might have or just to say “hello!”

Work Experience

  • As Communications Coordinator for the Council, I create and manage all communications messaging and materials for the Council and its initiatives. My work includes, but isn’t limited to:

    • Creating, managing and executing communications strategy and plans for the Council, its three initiatives (TransformSC, SC Aerospace and SC Logistics) and numerous events and meetings. These strategy and plans include public relations, social media, media relations, content, email and event marketing, and partner and sponsorship outreach. 
    • Establish consistent branding for the Council and its initiatives by creating branding guidelines, media kits, fact sheets, talking points and other marketing and communications materials using consistent messaging.
    • Maintain press lists and manage media relations efforts to land placements for our events and initiative directors to establish them as thought leaders.
    • Create and implement blog, newsletter and social media strategies for the Council and its main initiatives to increase audience engagement and reach.
    • Leverage relationships with partners, sponsors and stakeholders to promote and further the Council’s mission and efforts, including those of its initiatives. 
    • Plan and execute approximately 10 events a year, including conferences, networking events, professional development workshops, and more. 
    • Manage and coordinate with outside vendors to execute contracts for the design and production of websites, marketing and promotional materials and templates, events, and more.
    • Regularly develop new website, blog and marketing content to keep Council stakeholders informed of and up-to-date with Council activities, initiatives, events and efforts.
  • As sole communications person on the team, I strategized and executed plans for all three of Eyenavision’s eyewear brands. While with Eyenavision, I: 

    • Managed marketing and PR efforts for three distinct eyewear brands – Chemistrie Eyewear, Penn Avenue Eyewear and Phonetic Eyewear.
    • Streamlined Chemistrie Eyewear’s social media presence and focusing more on advertising, direct email marketing, press placements and a blog that directly reach Chemistrie’s target audience, resulting in increased sales and new accounts. 
    • Planned, designed and produced all marketing materials designed to help customers sell more of our products to patients, leading to increased sales.
    • Led communications and marketing around the launch of Phonetic Eyewear, a line of specialty computer eyewear, as well as the launch new products for Chemistrie and Penn Avenue approximately every 6 months, including website development and social media, content and outreach strategies.
    • Created and executed marketing strategy for all three brands, focused on eCommerce website, retail merchandising, communications, marketing & PR.
    • Organized, updated and executed a regular content calendar for blog and multiple social media accounts increasing customer engagement and brand awareness.
    • Coordinated local and national blogger outreach, including sponsorship, promotion and giveaways.
    • Wrote press releases, blog posts, social media posts and other marketing content.
    • Coordinated placements in optical-industry publications, local bloggers and media, and trade publications including advertisements, press placements and sponsored content and editorials.
    • Work with outside vendors on printing, production and other items. 
    • Managed all planning and execution of the company’s trade show presence at Vision Expo East and West.
Want to view my experience all in one place? Download my résumé or check out my LinkedIn profile.

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